Hi. I’m Andrea Knudsen. I’m a Chicago-area wife of one, mom of two.

The K in Knudsen is silent. I am not, nor is my family. Especially my family.

My husband and I met in high school, back when he had a Midwest Metal mullet and I was trying to channel Madonna’s “Express Yourself” ‘do. We married weeks after graduating college, but waited several years to start our family. In our free time pre-kids, we lived in the city (Chicago, that is), worked, earned matching MBAs in night school, and spent two magical weeks in Italy.

I worked in Internet marketing (see, you can get a job with a journalism degree!) until our son was 18-months-old, and now am full-time mom to our 5-year-old (!) and his 22-month-old little sister. We live in the suburbs, in the town where my husband and I grew up and our parents still reside. We drive a minivan. We drink at playgroup. We eat vegetarian and listen to a plethora of independent rock music our children are bound to think is lame.

The name “Knudsen” is Norwegian (being true Euromuts, our children are a whopping 1/16 Norwegian). It is my understanding that the silent K is an Americanization. We’re used to mispronunciations, let me tell you, but if you meet me and pronounce the K, I’ll likely look at you funny, given the name of this blog and all. ;)